Day Time

Corrine Day
     what makes her special?
Let me count the ways...

Corinne Day first burst onto the scene via the pages of The Face magazine in the early 90s, capturing the carefree and captivating everyone with her stunning photographs. 
An exhibition that was just held at Gimpel Fils displayed some of Day’s earliest photographs shot for The Face, enabling us as envious photographic onlookers to appreciate and admire her unashamedly. The Face was a huge platform for writers, photographers and stylists alike who refused to conform to the mundane of mainstream. What Day produced for The Face stirred up an international frenzy, which consequently launched the careers of numerous models and established Day as a photographer an undeniably unique talent.

It is testament of Day’s talent as a photographer that she was able to capture an air of informality in her images. Her photographs do not feel staged or posed, and the people she chose to work with do not feel removed from the everyday world.

Sheryl Garrett editor of The Face,

"the magazine set out a new editorial task of expressing the underground movements of the 90’s. Acid house, ecstasy and the massive, rapid rise of rave culture was the magazine’s inspiration. It felt like a time for smiling rather than pouting, for bright colours and openness and also for something more natural and real - which Corinne Day’s images tapped into very clearly”.

Day's photographs are filled to the brim with youthful enthusiasm, portraying teens with such a free and determined air that only the young can truely express that it becomes infectious. I
 can do anything I want to.
If they can why the hell can't I?

Day constantly rebelled at all preconceived notions of beauty and rewrote the rule book for a 'good' fashion photograph. Freedom is the stronghold to her work: freedom of the model's self expression but also freedom for Day to pursue her belief that beauty could be found wherever her quizzical gaze would chose to wander.
Corrine Day's work is truly inspirational to all who look, no matter what your opinions on the subject matter its so easy to forget and just appreciate the pure craftsmanship that is so evident in each and every one of her stunning photographs. 

A talent that is already sorely missed.