The Satorialist

Anybody within fashion will have heard of the blogger extraordinaire 'The Satorialist' aka Scott Schuman. A man who holds a divine attention to details, he beholds the wondrous among the mundane and captures it for us as fashion consumers to tear apart till only the broken bones are left. Schuman trawls through the streets in a constant search for something special but what sets his work apart from the many street photographers out there is that he is appreciating the minority instead of the majority and by this i am referring to the way schuman notices everything in its individuality. The whole outfit might just be fabulous but it could be one key item that for him makes this person appear special and make him want to record it. Another key aspect for him is the feedback that he gets from 'the satorialist's viewers, the opinions they post on the photos gives the whole process feel really organic. I have selected a few of my favourites below:

                                                        is it a ghost?                                               that necklace.
                                                         renaissance skirt!                                   so simple.
                                                                        urban hippies I salute you with an envious glare.
                                                       tribal patterning at dusk.                             a dictionary bag.
                                                        so cool in a band sort of way.                 Purity in pleats.
                                                                urban Adonis.                                      androgyny is.
                                                      the smile and the shoes.                            tatty tailoring.
                                                         that skirt and that figure.                          glamour has no age.
                                                        perfect layering.                                        fierce paleontology.
                                                            a sex in the city moment.                           just everything.
                                                     saintly?                                                    Hepburn reincarnate.
                                                                the softness.                                               raw edge.
                                                    masculine femininity.                                shirt skirt.
                                                             sandals.                                                    flaming.
                                                            structural.                                                  statement print.
                                                    being bold.                                                innocence.
   vintage quirks.                                      a feathery texture.             
 downy swan.                                   dorky grace.